Sunday, October 30, 2011

5 House Unique and Bizarre Future to Favorites

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From time immemorial, man has to dream about the future from you. Advances in treatment of deadly diseases neutral undefeated? Scientific progress, or will lead to exploration of a distant star system? Development of architecture, animated TV show "The Jetsons" as the house I see all the curves like?
Century decades in the mid 20th century, regardless of the uniform film, and the destination location, home of the future depicted in television shows as well. Three bedroom apartment in Honolulu, the Duluth, looks exactly like the house of champagne and concave.

We have now is a full decade ago in 2001, home of the future, as a quick look outside shows that never caught on film are portrayed fairly. Participants are still under construction. It's just that people change the priority, the house has been designed-looking sustainability and energy efficiency. This concern is an architect, border, provides an opportunity to push to try something new destructive taboo.

Some of the bold designs, some bizarre, and some never seem to go to the drawing board. However, they will create a new rule addresses the current challenges and all.
Several important examples of new homes in the future what is? Please check these cool houses futuresque.

Icelandic birds
Iceland, the architect, that birds are protected by the transplant and how to sit at your home address as well as enjoy the natural confusion of the past? Located in Kuala Lumpur, at home, this is very possible that silicon glass exterior "skin" has. This change in the permeability of the wall, people will get a shady canopy of drinking in the view of all of its glory, can be closed or completely.

Icelandic birds also collects rainwater and sustainable livelihoods, and the outer skin using solar energy and wind power. Placement of structures in the metaphor of other energy efficiency dock. It allows Lotus to distribute and nearby natural water for cooling and energy recovery in this way.

Home Airdrop
Airdrop house is missing the stage of artistic expression is not so very positive future and that anyone, we will wait until the distant future. But hopefully it is they are designed to provide emergency shelter to victims to become too often not necessary.

This house, in response to the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, was designed by architect Andrew Maynard, after Hurricane Katrina. The house is to contain the air and fell to the affected areas as emergency shelter. Design, the food and shade, you can donate a plant that grows on the surface.

Dupli Casa
Many houses, and its creator, but has been building what we call it, Dupli Casa, J. Mayer H. Architects of Germany, in fact, explained, "a futuristic design." live up to. In fact, a 2009 article entitled, website fall "House of the world's most futuristic design."
Dupli Casa in Ludwigsburg, Germany is close to three floors. Dramatically, with the windows up to their strategic tilt to provide the best view of the surroundings in the bedroom from the core of this structure. Modern Literature by David Chipperfield is sitting across the valley to the town of Marbach am Neckar, is a museum of vision.
Combine Homes
Karim Rashid is the architect behind the building looks impressive comb. Rashid was born in Egypt, Italy and studied in Canada, he has his own web site has produced more than 3,000 designs.
In order to minimize the impact on the environment, cutting-edge technology combines home. Water is heated by solar panels, rain water and reuse of the structure of gray. It consists only of recyclable materials such as wood or glass, can be partially rebuilt and brought out ... it should not occur at all otherwise.
Shell House
Someone Karuizawa, Japan, jumped, and when looking at the roof of the shell, it might have overlooked that we have a house full. Assignments are developed in Japan ARTechnic Architects, has an unusual exterior design is like a spaceship about to turn the cannoli.
Structure of elliptic curves, on Trendir site "out of this world" and described as the impression is created before or after anything. When actually it is you, it, however, have the principles of sound design behind it, and so benefit from natural light and internal texture, you can feel at home.



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